Jesus told His followers to pay homage to Caesar that which was Caesar’s and to give allegiance to God in that things that belong to God.  Most Americans are frustrated, and some are even angry at the trends in America.  The liberals are afraid they will lose the ground that they have fought so hard for over the last few years.  Occasionally one on the left will say that they are afraid of the those on the right.  Decisions, however, for sometime have been made by congress and the supreme court that threaten the well being of Biblical based Christians.  If a believer stands for the teachings of scripture and does not take away from its inspired truth, they are being attacked.  Most people don’t have a problem with professing Christians who go to church on Sunday while at the same time embracing the worldview.  The lines are being drawn.  Will you accept the biblical teachings or will you compromise and go with those who worship other idols that take them away from having a close relationship with Jesus Christ?

I believe it is possible to be a Christian and an American at the same time.  Christians love God and their neighbor.  Jesus was not militant but came to redeem lost souls.  As a Christian and an American, our job is to serve our country and others while at the same time embracing holy and righteous living.  Jesus said that He doesn’t want us to be taken out of the world, but to live in the world and shows others the love of God and how to truly live.  Jesus has come that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

God loves you!

Dr. Mike Frisby, February 22, 2017